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What You Need to Know About Swimsuits With No Tan Lines and Why They’re In Style on TikTok

When you take off your swimsuit to discover that you have developed some serious tan lines after spending a few hours having fun in the sun, it is the worst thing that can happen to a perfect beach day.

There is a trendy new option for an even, all-over glow, but there is no way to avoid those dreaded lines in a traditional swimsuit: suits without tan lines or “tan-through swimwear”

What is swimwear with a tan-through?
Thanks to a novel fabric known as Transol®, a patented fabric developed in the early 2000s by swimwear brand Kiniki, no-tan-line bathing suits, also known as tan-through swimwear, promise to leave you with no visible sun lines.

Essentially, tan-through swimwear has tiny holes that let up to 80% of the sun’s rays pass through your one-piece or bikini, leaving you with bronzed, sun-kissed skin and no dreaded tan lines. The material is frequently opaque but not see-through, allowing you to get the most Vitamin D without exposing your entire body at the beach.

Is it true that tan-through swimwear works?

Fans via online entertainment generally tend to assume so! There are right now in excess of 680,000 video sees connected with “no-tan-lines bathing suits” on TikTok.

In point of fact, as one TikTok user basked in the rays of the sun, she posted a video of how she opened a True Tone swimsuit and updated her tan line hour by hour. She was on a boat for four hours and had no visible tan lines.

What dangers do swimsuits without tan lines pose?
Some brands of tan-through swimwear claim that the fabric itself contains SPF, so while you can soak up more UVA rays for a golden tan, you are protected from more harmful UVB rays. Tan-through swimwear also allows more of the sun’s rays to pass through the fabric.

Sunburns and other skin cancers can be caused by UVB rays, which are the ones that cause damage to your skin. If you want to avoid both types of UVB rays, apply SPF for an additional layer of protection.

Where can you buy no-tan-line swimsuits?

If you want to try the new trend, below are a few no-tan-line swimsuits or tan-through swimwear options suitable for all styles:

Backless beautiful spa Swimsuit

One Piece Swimsuit

Plus size one-piece swimsuit

Surf suit One Piece Swimsuit


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