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Eye wrinkle pen

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Product Highlights

  • Low-frequency micro-vibration + h EGF technology, activate eye cells
  • Six effect lets you reverse the time to restore the beautiful skin
  • High-end production technology, precision manufacturing, dedicated to the beauty of you

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In stock


1. Add power to the cells, cell vitality
Bionic micro-current can penetrate deep into the skin cells, supplement the power of cell loss, strengthen the cell viability.
2. Repair the elastic fibers, reducing wrinkles, nasolabial folds
Intermittent regular micro-vibration stimulates subcutaneous tissue to muscle, repair the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers, thereby stretch and reducing wrinkles.
3. Increasing skin moisture, increase skin elasticity
By stimulating biological micro-current, to achieve the ability to activate the cell regeneration, aging cells fall off with the blood away from the skin surface, the skin moisture content increased, and elastic.
4. Decompose pigment, fade dark circles, pigmentation, etc.
Stimulate and active the dermis around the eyes, prompting recession skin produce collagen, at the same time, through cells massage, quickly penetrate the skincare products to the deep skin, to achieve smooth eye wrinkles, dark circles, decompose pigment effects.
5. Import essence, nutritional supplements
The instrument not only removes wrinkle but also import the essential nutrients to the dermis, 2 times effective than the ordinary iontophoresis.
6. Instantly relieve eye fatigue, eye discomfort.
Micro-current has an anti-inflammatory effect, can relieve pain and fatigue, relax the eye pressure.
Operation method:
1. Apply eye cream, moisturizing eye
Pulp with a pearl-sized cream, lightly coated from the inside corner to the temple, can also be used in the eyelids, dab help the cream completely absorbed.
2. Pressure massage, promote blood circulation
Like holding a pen, hold the horn to press the 5 points on the eyelids, at each press 2-3 seconds, please note in the order shown pressing.
3.Moving massage, improve eye problems
From the midpoint of the lower eyelid moving slowly massage to the inner end of eyes and the eye tail, taking care to avoid pulling the skin back and forth, each eye site massage is recommended for 10 seconds, can improve eye problems.





Additional information

Brand Name


Manufacturing Process

Machine Made

Model Number


Product name

Microcurrent eye beauty massager



Power supply

AA dry battery 1piece






Remove fishtail lines, dark circles, stain



1 review for Eye wrinkle pen

  1. M***r

    It arrived well packed, it works perfect, I hope it helps me with my eye bags, I will leave a review after a while of using it, I recommend this

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